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Legal advice

The Municipality of Gernika, hereinafter known as the municipality, reserves all industrial and intellectual property rights concerning the Tourism Web Portal (, which includes all images, sounds, audio, video, designs, creations, or software that may be contained therein, as well as all contents of the User registry, which remain the exclusive property of the municipality.

The reuse of documents and information developed and/or safeguarded by Public Administrations shall be regulated by the Spanish legislation concerning the reuse of public sector data, as stipulated in Spanish Bill 37/2007 (16 November 2007).

The User is obliged to safeguard and make diligent use of the Web Portal personal access data, the confidentiality of which shall be the sole responsibility of the User. Additionally, the User is solely responsible for all activities that the User may carry out via the access account for procedural dealings with the local administration. Furthermore, the User shall be responsible for safeguarding the information sent to the User’s personal account for the handling of administrative procedures.

Under no circumstances shall the municipality assume responsibility should the User share with, or transmit to, a third party or parties the User’s personal access data, which as a consequence causes damage or harm to the User due to any possible administrative action or procedures realized without prior consent from the User.

With the goal of continuous improvement and to optimize the level of service offered via the Citizen’s Web Portal, analysis is made of the number of pages visited, the number of visits, the activity of visitors to the site, along with the frequency of use and the most visited sections, including the statistics collected and supplied by Internet Service Providers. Although the Citizen’s Web Portal does not register the User’s IP address, temporary cookies are stored during the time of connection which are later eliminated once connection is over.

This Privacy Policy is applicable only to the Citizen’s Web Portal, and is not in any way applicable when accessing third-party sites via links on this site, nor when accessing this Web-site from third-party sites.

All services and information available on the Citizen’s Web Portal are completely free of charge. The municipality reserves the exclusive right to modify the service or to delete elements thereof at any time.

The use of the Citizen’s Web Portal for any other purpose than that stipulated by current legislation is strictly forbidden, especially the following non exhaustive list:

  • Committing a harmful act to the Municipality or third parties;
  • Dissemination of inappropriate and illicit contents constituting criminal conduct such as: apology of terrorism, software piracy, child pornography, threats, frauds, pyramid schemes, computer viruses, defective files, hostile codes or any other type of file that may cause damage of any sort or harm to the municipality or third parties;
  • Damaging, causing a denial-of-service attack, causing a distributed denial-of-service attack or impeding the service in any form, either to the network or networks connected to the service, or interfering with the use of the service by any and all users;
  • Attempting to gain unauthorized access to an account for administrative procedures by means acts of intrusion, deciphering of passwords, or by any other means not previously indicated;
  • Any inappropriate use of the access account for procedural dealings outside the original intention of said account;
  • Marketing or redistribution of the service or parts thereof.​