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The Park of the Peoples of Europe and sculptures

The Park of the Peoples of Europe and sculptures

Inaugurated in October 1991 and divided into four quite separate sections in terms of structure and composition, this park is home to an interesting variety of trees and shrubs:

  • Covered by open woodland, the northern reaches of the park is where sculptures by Eduardo Chillida and Henry Moore are located. 
  • The four ecosystems of the Atlantic Basque Country – groves of beech, oak and holm oak as well as riverside vegetation – grace the eastern section of the park. 
  • A small stream meanders through these ecosystems until it flows into a pond to the south.  
  • The rest of the park is occupied by a classical garden.

“Gure Aitaren Etxea”

Eduardo Chillida

Inaugurated in April 1988, the sculpture “Gure Aitaren Etxea” by Eduardo Chillida represents the home of the Basque People, hence its name. Standing almost 8 metres high, this sculpture was finished in the park itself: a wooden formwork was erected and then filled in with concrete treated with iron shavings. A huge gap cleaves the walls, representing, for Chillida, a window that communicates with the tree of Gernika. In the centre of the house, its heart, a steel stele symbolises peace and life lived in a spirit of tolerance and freedom.

“Large Figure in a Shelter”    

Henry Moore

Not far from Chillida’s sculpture stands a monumental work by English sculptor Henry Moore: “Large Figure in a Shelter”. This bronze sculpture forms part of the artist’s series of “War Helmets” which he began during the Second World War. This work depicts a figure enclosed in another figure, a return to the basic human instinct to always seek shelter. Completed in 1986, the sculpture was erected in the park in July 1990.


Opening hours:

​​From 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. (9 p.m. in summer)


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A duck pond with turtles