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The Euskal Herria Museum

A history that endures over time…

The home of the Euskal Herria Museum is the magnificent Palace of the Count of Montefuerte, the Alegria Palace, built in 1733. It stands in a part of Gernika that was spared from the bombs that fell on the town in 1937, during the Civil War. But the building goes back much further than that and is inextricably linked to the history of the Basque Country. The original structure was a medieval tower whose function was primarily defensive.

In 1982, it was acquired by the Provincial Government of Vizcaya which, respecting its most significant typological elements, set about restoring it so that it could be put to a new use in keeping with its symbolic history: the Euskal Herria Museum, which was opened to the public in 1991.

What can I see inside the museum?

The Museum has four floors of exhibition space:

  • The ground floor is devoted to an understanding of the physical environment that conditions the Basque Country’s ways of life. 
  • The first floor is dedicated to the historical evolution and a presentation of the historical events that have led to the current political landscape. 
  • The second floor contains a varied exhibition on sport, folklore, festivals, music, dance, beliefs and myths of the Basque Country. 
  • The attic is a beautiful space used to house temporary exhibitions. 

If you are interested in the history and culture of the Basque Country, then this is the perfect museum for you!

More information

Opening times:

Summer time (from 27st March to 31st October):

From Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00h-18: 30h

Sundays: 11: 00h-15: 00h

Mondays of July and August: 11:00h-15:00h

Winter time (from 1st November to 28st March):

From Tuesday to Saturday: 10:00h-17:00h

Sundays: 11:00h-15:00h

Monday: closed


Price: Admission: €3.5 – Reduced rate: €2  – Saturdays: free

Telephone: 94 625 54 51


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