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Gernika with children

Marco Topo

Have fun with your family playing this interactive game around Gernika!

The Marco Topo Club is a free interactive game designed to make it easier for families with children to enjoy cultural visits. It provides you with all the material you need to plan a visit that is both entertaining and stimulating. No matter whether you’re young or old, you’re sure to get hooked on this game as you stroll around Gernika following clues and exploring the town’s most important attractions and places and sites that are seeped in history.

You can pick up a pack with everything you need for the game at the Tourism Office, including:

  • a paper map with a code, showing the different points along the route you’ll be following and 
  • a few stickers of “Flopis” - funny little creatures we’ll have to set free and then stick on the map during the course of the route, as and when we answer the questions that the game asks us along the way. 

The thing is that the 12 Flopis have been captured by Topo Loco, an evil scientist. But never fear! Help is on the way in the shape of Marco Topo and his sister Marta! Do you think we’ll make it? 

How to play with Marco Topo

  • Visit 
  • Enter the code: MTGERNIKA
  • Solve the challenges and stick the stickers on the map 

What do I need to play?

  • All you need is a mobile phone with a data connection. Playing the game won’t consume a lot of data and you’ll also be able to use the free WIFI connection at many of the places you’ll be visiting.
  • You can pick up the map and the stickers at the Tourism Office.

Children’s play areas

  • There are swings in the Plaza de San Juan Ibarra which is a pedestrians-only square with bars and restaurants and a car park nearby.
  • The Park of the Peoples of Europe: although this green space is a veritable haven of peace for all ages, it’s the children who enjoy it the most. The pond is home to lots of ducks that quack and flap about in the stream, not to mention a bale of turtles that your kids will just love.

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