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Lumo isn’t the name of another town, it’s part of the same municipality: Gernika- Lumo. Odd as it may seem, in the Middle Ages, Gernika was no more than a district in the elizate or parish of Lumo, or to be more precise, the port of Lumo. 

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The Tree of Gernika

The Casa de Juntas (Assembly House) and the Tree of Gernika: living symbols of the history of the Basque People. 

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The bombing of Gernika

The town was bombed on the 26th of April 1937

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The terrible attack on Gernika inspired the Malaga-born painter to create one of his most famous works.

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First and Last Monday of October in Gernika

Dating back more than 650 years - to when it was first established as a town in fact - Gernika boasts one of the few remaining traditional markets in the Basque Country.