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Cesta punta in Gernika

The Gernika Jai Alai: the “Cathedral of Pelota

An international reference point for the sport of cesta punta

Following the overwhelming success of cesta punta in Durango, a magnificent fronton was built and inaugurated in Gernika in June 1963. The work of the prestigious architect Secundino Zuazo, the Gernika Jai Alai was built in the shape of a two-storey-high, right-scalene triangle. 

Gernika’s Jai Alai fronton is the largest fronton court in Europe and the second largest in the world. 

The fact that it is the fastest ball game in the world has earned it its place in the Guinness Book of Records. Some throws have been known to reach a speed of as much as 300 kilometres per hour.

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Demonstrations of Cesta Punta

Jai Alai, a Joyful Party. A sport, a party. The fastest sport in the world in one of the world’s largest fronton courts still in use. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the raw power of cesta punta live. You may have seen lots of sports, but you’ve never seen anything like this!