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What’s on


  • Cavalcade of the Three Kings
  • Children’s Christmas playground
  • Anniversary of the Union between Gernika and Lumo (1882) - January 8
  • Gernika Jai Alai Winter Series. Cesta punta championship


  • Candlemas Day - February 2
  • Saint Agatha’s Eve - February 4
  • Carnival Sunday. Aurresku de “marros” (traditional dance)
  • Winter market. Street fair
  • Gernika Jai Alai Winter Series. Cesta punta championship


  • Lekuek Festival
  • Dantzari (Dance) Day
  • Gernika Jai Alai Winter Series. Cesta punta championship


  • Anniversary of the Bombing of Gernika - April 26
  • International Culture and Peace Convention (Gernika Gogoratuz)
  • Anniversary of the founding of the town of Gernika - April 28


  • Festivities of the Lorategieta neighbourhood - May 1
  • Medieval Market
  • Museum Day and Night
  • Fitness Contest (Euskadi Championship)
  • Bizkaia Triathlon


  • Special monographic market. Txakoli Day
  • Festivities of San Juan Ibarra: June 23 and the following weekend
  • Festival of Lumo: June 29 (St. Peter’s Day) and the following weekend


  • Special monographic market. Gernika Pepper Day
  • Summer music days: chamber music, open-air concerts, folklore festival...
  • Festivities of San Cristóbal in the Agarre neighbourhood - July 7-10


  • Special monographic market. Rioja Wine and Codfish Day
  • Festivities of San Lorenzo in the Lurgorri neighbourhood - August 10 and 11
  • Festivities of Gernika - August 14 to 18
  • Festivities of San Bartolome in the Rentería neighbourhood - August 24
  • Gernika Jai Alai Grand Slam


  • Special monographic market. Cider and Rabbit Day
  • International Art and Peace Convention (Biennial)
  • International Peace Day - September 21. Peace Museum Activities.


  • Special monographic market. Sukalki Day
  • Livestock Fair. First Monday in October
  • Euskal Jaia. First Saturday of the month
  • Gernika-Lumo Rally, which counts towards the Spanish Championship. Organised by Gernikako Racing Elkartea
  • Agricultural fair: Last Monday in October


  • Special monographic market. Gernika Bean Day
  • Urdaibai Mushroom Week
  • Archaeology Seminar (Agiri taldea) every 2 years
  • Annual celebration of the Elai-Alai dance group.
  • Saint Cecilia’s Day Concerts
  • “Pura Caspa” short film series. Elai-Alai Theatre


  • Special monographic market. Snail Day
  • The Christmas lights are switched on in the Foru Plaza (the Friday before the Immaculate Conception holiday)
  • Mountain Days (Goi-Zale mendi taldea)
  • Marijesiak (Wassailing) - December 16 to 24
  • Euskal Herria Snails Competition
  • Olentzero (a character in Basque Christmas tradition), December 24
  • Children’s Christmas playground